About Department

In order to generate trained manpower for the food processing sector, the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India sanctioned a project entitled “Enhancing Research Capacity and Initiating Integrated M.Sc. and PhD programme in the area of Food Science and Technology” in favour of University in 2008. The Vice-Chancellor in anticipation of the approval by the competent body has been pleased to authorize the establishment of the “Department of Food Science & Technology” and introduce five years integrated Master’s and Doctorate programme w.e.f 12-05-2008 which was later on approved by the University Council at its meeting held on 02-06-2008.


Generation of skilled and trained manpower to meet the human resources requirements of the food industry.

• To bridge the technological and research gaps in the Indian food industry to make it more competitive in international food markets.

• To bring traditional foods of India under R&D for their mechanized production and better quality control and marketing.

• To prevent heavy losses, both in quantity as well as quality, in foods especially fruits and vegetables during their handling, storage and transportation.

• Generation of laboratory facilities for quality evaluation of foods to ensure food safety.